Haigh Hall - History

A collection of articles and resources relating to the history of the Hall, the people and the wider estate of Haigh.

A History of the Hall 

A 24 page booklet of the history produced 1n 1957 by H.H.G. Arthur, Wigan Council Librarian in 1957.

An excellent overview.

Thanks to Ron Hunt



Interesting timeline of the Lindsay family from Farthingale Publications


Auction Cataogues - Sale of The Haigh Estate

Compehensive and amazing list of properties and land offered for Sale from 1935 to 1947.


Thomas Skelton "The Fool of Haigh"

Thomas Skelton also known as "The Muncaster Fool" his time at Haigh Hall, the Bradshaigh portrait and his Will.


Sir Roger Bradshaigh

Life & Times of Roger Bradshaigh 1628-1684, by AJ Hawkes


Images of Haigh Hall, the estate and the wider Haigh village.

Historic England 


With permission and thanks to Ron Hunt of wiganworld.

View over 140 images

Additional images of the Haigh area.

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Haigh Foundry & Brock Mill Forge

Information and articles on this historic site,  the cradle of industrial engineering in Wigan


History & Renovation of Haigh Windmill

The history and renovation of the windmill in 2011, as well as some involvement of Richard Melling ex Brock Mill Forge.


1831 -Public Charities Report

An extract of the report by the Charity Commissioners in 1831 referring to the charities in the Township of Haigh.

Covers the School, The Receptacle and other charities.


A little journey of discovery

by Martin Holden with some great images


Plantation Gates, Wigan Lane,

James Higson, died in 1898, the old lodge-keeper for the Wigan entrance to Haigh Park, Plantation Gate and Lodges, had a remarkable career as a private soldier, recalling some of the particulars of what in many respects was an interesting life.


Memories by Kathleen Horrobin - Living at Plantation Gates

Kathleen recalls living at the lodges in 1970 as a newly wed. 


Plantation Gates, Whelley 

Probably built for the visit to Haigh Hall of the Prince & Princess of Wales in June 1872. 

See the drawings and maps of the planned new road and building in celebration of this event.


The Mayor of Wigan - "A Tale"

“The Mayor of Wigan, a tale, by Hillary Butler, printed in London, 1760.” Little is known about the author apart from he practised as barrister in London.

The extreme rarity of this book, and its strong local connections with the borough, is its only recommendation. The Monthly Review of the year 1760, of its publication, calls it “dirty story, poorly told.”

The tale of the Mayor of Wigan who is invited to a dinner at Hall, on the way to the hall he a has unfortunate accident in the "nether regions", the actions of his dog, Tray, at the dinner table causes chaos and unpleasantness for all the diners.

The original copy - digitised by google books


A copy translated by the Wigan Archives (Pat Sankey)


Sir Roger Bradshaigh's Letter-Book

The book contains copies of various documents addressed to Sir Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh near Wigan in his capacity as one of the Deputy Lieutenants of the county, and a  few other  letters and  papers.  Sir Roger no doubt  had them copied out for reference, and the order is (roughly) chronological. Many are formal merely, as  the  copy of the commission  to  the Earl of Derby as Lord Lieutenant and the like, but others  throw light on the disturbed conditions which accompanied the restoration of Monarchy and  led  to the Revolution of  1688. 


Wigan's Own Downton Abbey

An article from the PastForward Magazine by Bill Melling, describing life at the Hall in the 1870's.



Early Haigh Hall Print 

18th century print - The Home of Sir Roger Bradshaigh, Baronet

If any one would like to purchase a print (16in x 11in). Contact Ron Hunt: ron@wiganworld.co.uk 

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