Sale of the Haigh Estate - Auction Catalogues

Auction Catalogues for the sale of the Balcarres Haigh Estate.

A remarkable and amazing amount of land and properties offered in the 3 auctions from 1935 -1947. Thanks to Tom Walsh and Ron Hunt and Bob Sanders.

1935 Auction

Properties in Blackrod, Aspull & Whelley. (6 Lots)


1943 Auction

The outlying portion of the Haigh Estate. (87 Lots)

 Including 26 Farms, Various Small Holdings, Cottages, Accommodation, Lands, &c. Also, the very attractive residence known as "Longhhurst", Leyland Mills and Haigh Foundry..


1947 Auction

The remaining portion of the Haigh Estate. (51 Lots)

Comprising, Freehold Farms, Cottages, Residences with Possession, Accommodation and Garden Land, in Wigan, Aspull and Haigh.


Map - 1943 Auction

Image kindly provided by Jim Meehan

Map of the outlying portion of the Haigh Estate

Newspaper article - Liverpool Daily Post, 22nd May 1943.

Thanks to Tom Walsh, Ron Hunt and Bob Sanders