Jim Meehan

The Most Calamitous of Times. 

Wigan during the Civil War Period.

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The History of Timberlakes

"High Riders & Rolls Royces" - charting the history of the Timberlake family and the buildings the company occupied in the town centre.

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The Mystery of Standish Hall

A talk tracing the history of the Hall and the whereabouts of some of its contents that have survived, but not in the UK!

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Ralph Brideoake

Uncovering the history of Standish.

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Three interesting and poignant stories, commemorating Remembrance Day  2020.

Brothers in Arms

About two local miners who fought in WW1.


Wigan Soldier - Story of Survival

About a lad from Swinley who served in WW2.


Kate's Story

written by my daughter Kate, about a Wigan schools visit to WW1 Battlefields in 2015.


“The Elnup Wood Stone”.  

The story of a mysterious stone found in a stream.


The Reluctant Baronet

The story of the last Baronet of Adlington and what became of him.


The Mystery of Standish Hall

A short story about finding parts of the ancient Hall thought to be lost forever. 


Barbarous Wigan Murder

Video of a presentation given by Jim on Victorian Crime and Punishment in Wigan. Including a barbarous murder on Wigan Lane in the early 1800s.

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