Catalogue Index

This document is intended to be an aid to researchers and staff alike. 

It is a compilation of several listings and indexes of archival collections which have accumulated over several years.

This is meant as an aid or pointer, not a guarantee. It is not intended to be a substitute for staff assistance, but to save researchers’ time by giving an initial indication as to whether the archives service holds the desired material. As this list does not comprise all of the  Archive’s holdings, researchers are always encouraged to follow up with the team, by emailing

 As this document is made up of several separate finding aids, page numbers and indexes are not valid.

To search:

Use the keys

[Ctrl]+[F]. (Windows)

[Command]+[F] (Apple)

Then scroll through the findings to see if they are relative to your requirements.

e.g. If you search [x-ray], you with find a reference of ‘HR’ (which = Hospital Records) at the top of that page and an entry that shows ‘Bills of Quantities and Specifications’ for the ‘X-Ray Department 1925’

There are over 600 pages of data available. Please allow a few moments for the search to find all occurrences. Try to use a less common single search word or use specific search words. If you searched on [Wigan] you would get 4,749 results! If you searched on [Wigan Town Hall] you would get 7 occurrences.

Documents, gathered, scanned and used as sources include…

  • A guide to the archives 1996
  • Composite Archives List
  • Miscellaneous Document Collection
  • Past-Forward-Index
  • Papers of Ellis, Sayer and Henderson
  • Local Government Records Wigan
  • Church Records Location Source Wigan & Leigh
  • Gill of Burscough Collection


Compiled in partnership with Archives: Wigan & Leigh and Wigan Local History and Heritage Society and Wigan Building Preservation Trust volunteers. (not an officially published WMBC document)

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