Tom Walsh - Local Historian

I hope that some of the contents in these articles lead readers to look at my home town with fresh eyes (mine) and in so doing see through the mist of bigotry and misinformation deliberately peddled by a one-time police officer from Burma.  Today, I think it would be described as 'fake news'.   I may seem to have been dilatory in taking up the cudgel to right a wrong that incensed me on first reading of it almost 60 years ago at St John Fisher Secondary Modern School, but is no less heartfelt for the delay. I hope I have  managed to portray my love for Wigan, to show why I have been moved to put pen to paper, or more correctly finger to i-pad. You see for me WIGAN has no PEER !

I hope you enjoy, 



The Flag, Saints & Sinners

The tragic WW2 story of Ronald Walker 

From Wirral to Wigan

Wigan has No Peer

Bath Time circa 1950

Christmas 1952

Empress Ball Room 

First Day at School

First Day at Work

May Queen

Memories of Scholes

Sunday Afternoons


The King is Dead

The Magic of Electricity

A Lad from Scholes

Deadman's Penny.

Old Market Hall

The Wonder of Woolies

History of M&S Wigan.

Martha Hogg.pdf   (Reproduced from Wigan Archives - Past Forward magazine  - Issue 62)

The Picture House, Scholes

.Wigan Fair

Bonfire Night

Rugby - Triumph & Tragedy

WW1 - Remembering Private John Kelly

St Patrick's Church - the jewel in the crown

Old Father Time - Memories of New Years Eve

Whit Monday - Memories of Walking Day

A Lad from Scholes meets Queen Victoria

A Christmas Story, to melt your heart.

The Circle of "New Years" Life.

Haigh Hall - A Pearl in Wigan's proud history

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