History of the Parish of St. John's, Standishgate

The parish/mission was founded in the 1680's by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). The Jesuits handed the church over to the Liverpool Archdiocese in 1933.

History of the Wigan Mission of the Society of Jesus

Compiled by the Rev. J.G Macleod whilst living at St.John's Presbytery in 1900.


(Thanks to Ron Hunt and Bob Sanders)

History of St. John's 1686-1965

Produced at Christmas 1965, contains an amount of Rev. Macleod's work, but contains substantial. additional history


St.John's School - Dicconson Street

An article previously produced by the Society with in-depth information on the "lost building" in Dicconson St, also provides further details on the Rodney St and Brick Kiln Lane schools.


Heritage Buildings of Wigan

View the images and history of the Listed Buildings:- 

Church of St. John


St. John's Club


Walmesley Monument


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