Conversations with Pit Brow Lasses

Following on from our previous work associated with the Pit Brow Lasses. Link

The Society is grateful to Angela V. John who interviewed several  ex pit brow girls in the 1970' as part of her research on the subject. Also the Archives of the University of Swansea who kindly provided digitised copies of the tapes. 

These are the dates of the interviews and the date of birth.

Jane Carroll 24/8/1978. b.1897 

Ellen Gregory 24/8/78 b.1889. 

Elizabeth Rigby 24/8/78 b. c.1897

Polly Gee 5/6/74 and 24/8/78 b.1893

Mrs Foster 24/8/78 b.1929. 

Alice Simms 23/7/74 b.1906. 

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In addition, thanks to our members Christian and David Fox for their excellent work in improving the quality of the originals.

Pit Brow Lasses

Jane Carroll


Ellen Gregory


Elizabeth Rigby


Polly Gee


Mrs. Foster


Alice Simms


Also available via Soundcloud thanks to Christian Fox


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