Wigan Infirmary 1866-1873

October 1866

1866 - Nov23rd

Correspondent to the Editor 30th November 1866

16th December 1866 – Colliery Club 

15th December 1866 – Crawford £3k Gidlow 2k

22nd December 1866 – Public Meeting

Letter to Editor -T. Fisher (Surgeon) – Prevention of Diseases, etc

Donations & Total Dec 20th 1866


22nd Feb 1867- Donation from The Oddfellows - £100

Donations Total – May 30th 1867 

Donations Total – 28th Jnue 1868… passes £20k

18th December 1867

Oct 1869 – Land and Architect selected

26th Nov 1869 – Fund Raiser at Prince of Wales Theatre

26th May 1870 Tenders

Letter to the Editor – Sept 1870

Letter to the Editor – Silver trowel 

Letter to the Editor – 6th Dec 1870

Oddfellows Tea Party

30th December 1870 – Laying the Foundation Stone & History

12th January 1872 – Hospital Sunday

5th July – Planned Bazaar and Exhibition for October 1872

6th July 1872 – Committees Formed

24th August 1872 – Advert for the Exhibition and Bazaar in October

15th Nov 1872 – Advert for Lodge Porter and Gardener,

20th December 1872 – Proposed Royal Family open the Bazaar & Exhibition.

There must been problems with the planned October event.

3rd Jan 1873 – Council Meeting – Invite to Royal Family and appeal against Railway Merger

24th Jan 1873

Application to Hon HA Bruce for Royal Visit

22nd Feb Dispensary AGM and update on Visit

12th April – Confirmation of Royal Visit

2nd May 1873 – Donations to pay for the Visit- Ticket Price for the Bazaar One guinea

 2nd May 1873 

Date fixed – Police presence and possibly Infantry. 

Decorative Branch requesting estimates for decoration from Mr Defries of London

10th May 1873

Council Meeting – Layouts, etc – Refusal to other councils for

Opening ceremonies, Statue to Lord Deby at Preston, Waterworks at Rivington

Opening of a Lunatic Asylum.

10th May 1873


6th June 1873

6th June 1873