The Diary of Roger Lowe

Described by some as Lancashire's answer to those other great diarists of the period, Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, Roger Lowe was an apprentice shopkeeper at Ashton-in-Makerfield during the reign of Charles II. Inclusive of his lists of  “the seaveral names and persons that are dead in Ashton and buryed att Winwicke” and “such as dyd within My Aprentiship and providentiallie I was cald to the funerall”, which come at the end of the manuscript, the document now in preservation at Wigan Archives ref. D/DZ A58 runs to about 150 pages and covers the period from January 1663 to January 1679.  

Several transcripts of Lowe's diary have been published over the years.  Click on the links below to access digitised versions of some of these plus a multi-part “Illustrated Companion to the Diary of Roger Lowe” compiled by our own Makerfield Rambler.

“Extracts from a Lancashire Diary...”, reprinted from The Manchester Courier by the paper's owner Thomas Sowler in 1876

Annotated edition of 1938 by Dr William L Sachse, afterwards Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin

A “reading version” of the Diary produced by independent researcher Angus Graham in 2008

“Illustrated Companion” Part 1: “Introduction” and “1663” 

“Illustrated Companion” Part 2: “1664” 

“Illustrated Companion” Part 3: “1665” 

“Illustrated Companion” Part 4: “1666” 

"Illustrated Companion" Part 5: "1667-1674"