Health & Sanitation

A collection of reports on the health of residents and the surrounding contributing environment and businesses.

1891 - Outbreak of Typhus Fever 

A report identifying the source of an outbreak of Typhus in 1891.

The outbreak was centred on Scholes and Ince, there is also a description of the isolation hospital at Amberswood, Ince.


1896 - Report of the Chief Sanitary Inspector

  • Information on the work that the department undertakes and the results:-
  • Lodging Houses, accommodating 583 lodgers
  • Canal Boats
  • Slaughter Houses & Seizures
  • Food destroyed - "20 tons of fish"
  • Prevention of Infectious diseases - households disinfected.
  • List of Slaughter & Lodging House


1896 - First Annual Report on the Health of the County Borough of Wigan

produced by Dr. Berry


1879 - Report by Dr HF Parsons on the general sanitation conditions of Ince-in-Makerfield.

Pretty grim reading!


1914 - Ince-in-Makerfield Health & Sanitation Report

Some excellent information on life in Ince


1901 - Orrell UDC Medical Officers Report


As a result of an enquiry,

1947 - 74th Annual report of Royal Albert Edward Infirmary & Dispensary


Other reports are available - contact us for further information