Conservation Areas in Wigan

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest. They are identified so they can be protected  and make further improvements to their appearance.

When somewhere becomes a designated conservationon area, the following rules apply: 

  • Demolition of most buildings in the area are controlled, whether they are listed or not
  • Trees in the area are protected
  • Control is strengthened, so that the area can be preserved well and further improvements to its appearance can be made.
  • Buildings of Local Interest can be identified.

The following are the 13 conservation areas in Wigan. The appraisals are excellent, providing  historical contexts and points of interest, in each of the areas.

A video presentation from Bob Sanders detailing google maps of the conservations areas.


View the area appraisals below:-

Click the Title to view the Appraisal Report

Ashon-in-Makerfield conservation area

Golborne, Park Road conservation area

Golborne town centre conservation area

Haigh Village conservation area

Hindley town centre conservation area

Shevington - Church Lane conservation area,

Standish - Mayflower conservation area, 

Standish conservation area, Standish

Dicconson conservation area, Wigan

Mesnes conservation area, Wigan

Wgan Lane conservation area, Wigan

Wigan Pier conservation area, Wigan

Wigan town centre conservation area

Greenhill conservation area

Green Hill photographic building survey

Thanks to Wigan Council

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