Complaint to Parliament - Election of Capt. Lindsay

The Petition was brought in 1846 by Thomas Wall, printer of Wallgate and Thomas Cook, draper of Market Place, Wigan. The allegation centred around "treating", buying votes by illegal practices and the election of Capt. Lindsay as a Burgess to serve in the 1846 Parliament for Wigan. The allegations were considered by a House of Commons Select Committee in April, 1846.

Capt. Lindsay was the 2nd son of the 24th Earl of Balcarres.

Evidence was given by the following witnesses:-


William Fouracre - Eagle & Child

John Finch - Swan Inn

Michael Green - Fleece

John Miller - Three Legs

John Jennison - White Horse

Matthew Worthington - Gibraltar

William Norris - Woolpack

John Pendlebury -  Rope & Anchor

Robert Wilding - Windsor Castle

John Rylance -  Mitre

Other Witnesses:-

James Barnes - Weaver

Nathaniel Eckersley - Cotton Spinner

William Blacklidge - Weaver

John Holding - Weaver

It is interesting to note the extract below of the evidence of Nathaniel Eckersley and the number of voters for the Brough of Wigan.

Within the transcript there is quite a lot of information regarding life and practices in Wigan during this period.

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