Britain's War Memorials Online

Recording Britain’s War Memorials Online.

Two official websites are online, both of which not only provide information on the tens of thousands of War Memorials in Great Britain, but also enable the public to add new memorial records, or to add photographs and additional information to existing records.

The site with the greater number of entries is the Imperial War Museum’s War Memorials Register. Their aim is to record every war memorial (with the names of all who are commemorated) in the country. They began their work over twenty years ago, in the days of film photography and handwritten record cards, but are now firmly in the digital world. 

Imperial War Museum - Memorial Register

Note: It is important to use the ‘Filter’ provided on the Search page. It is a bit clunky, but will enable you to narrow down the results to your specific enquiry - after some practice! 

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The general public may add to the records by sending photographs and other details to the administrator, who will revise the entries accordingly...... 

War Memorials Online

The website is linked to the  War Memorials Trust and Historic England. The main difference between it and the IWM Register is that it is concerned more directly with the condition of memorials, and provides a pathway for those responsible for memorials which are deteriorating to access funds for repairs etc.. 

The general public may register and then add new entries directly to the site, and also upload photographs and updates to most existing entries.

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Note: There are  two Search fields - one allows you to search for a particular memorial (as long as it has been recorded), and the other allows you to find all the memorials listed in a specific geographical area - it can become confusing if multiple memorials are in the same building. 

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