Wigan Building Preservation Trust and Wigan Local History & Heritage Society are assisting the Queen's Hall Methodist Mission with their Nehemiah Project.

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The Queens Hall has been a landmark in Wigan since 1907. It has a wide and varied history which you can read about here. 

For several years, problems have been experienced with trees and vegetation growing in and around our cupola. 

The Queens Hall is a grade 2 listed building, and as such, needs urgent action to repair and renovate the "at-risk" façade sympathetically. 

The Preservation Trust and the Mission will work together on several initiatives:-

Heritage walks around the town.

History of the Mission

The Early Days

Bradshaw & Gass - Architects of the building

People of the Mission

The Benefactors

Heritage Room

History of "The Brick"

Nehemiah - Awareness & Fundraising Campaign

Some images relating to the life and history of the Queen's Hall Methodist Mission.

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It is envisaged that the above initiatives will be developed throughout the project to tell the story of the Mission, and protect the building and its work for the future.


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