Plantation Gates - Ongoing

This is an on-going project to halt the deterioration of the Gate & Lodges.

In 2016 Wigan Building Preservation Trust  (BPT)commissioned a Condition report (see below)

Currently the restoration of the building is included in a Wigan Council (Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles) application for Heritage Lottery Funding.

2016 Condition Report

October 2022

Heritage Lottery Funding has been secured for the restoration of the Lodges and Gates.

Within the approved planning application a Design, Access & Heritage Statement was submitted. The BPT are encouraged that the gate and lodges will be restored to their former glory ..... and more!

Contents of the Statement 

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A bit of History......

From Wigan Observer 20th October 1905:



A somewhat unusual scene was witnessed near the Plantation Gatos. Wigan-lane, on Monday afternoon. A keg of whiskey tad fallen off a brewer’s dray, and been spilled in the road. Many loafers who were in tlie vicinity, hearing what had taken place, were soon on the scene. With spoons and other articles they started ladling the whiskey out of the gutter, and they oontinued this disgusting behaviour until they were all more or leas drunk. Two of them were found to an incapable state, and were taken to the police station. On Tuesday they were charged before Messrs. T. Fyans and J. Heaton with the offence.

The first defendant was Arthur Gallaghan, of 5. Egerton street, and Police-constable Percival stated that he was so drank that be had to get a horse and cart to take him to the police station.

Prisoner (smiling) : I was out looking for work, and a cask of whiskey was spilled on the road. We were supping it with spoons.

Mr. Fyans : I saw you.

Prisoner : I got too many spoonfuls, and I fell in the street. I was out from six in the morning looking for work, and that was the first relief I got. (Laughter.) A friend of mine said, “Come along, mate, and have a spoonful or so." and 1 did.

The bench let him off with a warning.

Robert Shaw. who has no settled address, was also charged with being drunk and incapable.

This man had to be helped to the bars of the dock, and it was then noticed that be was still in a state of intoxication.

He was remanded until Wednesday.

Another man found in Wallgate In a similar state, made the excuse that a friend of his had got the whiskey in Wigan-lane, and given it to him. He had been before the court previously, and he was sent to prison for fourteen days.

Shawcross was brought before Messrs. D.Dix and J.Peterkin on Wednesday. He was still in a very dozed condition, and appeared to be suffering keenly from the effects of his debauch. He pleaded guilty to being drunk and incapable.

The Chairman : He is not sober yet!

The Chief Constable: He is suffering from a bad bead. The whiskey was 20 over proof.

The magistrates discharged him.