People of the Street

Dedicated to the people who built, lived, worked, and worshipped in the street since it was established in the 1780's 

John Hodson Kearsley

MP and Mayor of Wigan. Major shareholder and eventually sole owner of the Wigan Brewery Co.


James Fairclough

Architect and Builder of several prominent buildings, built and lived in a house on the Street.


Richardson Thomas Johnson

Architect for Grimes Arcade and the original Royal Court Theatre.


Richard Leigh

Solicitor in King Street and commissioned the Grimes Arcade


Thomas Wall

Founder of the Wigan Observer, involved in several public services.


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Sir Thomas Ratcliffe Ellis

A prominent and national figure in the legal profession.


An Honourable Opponent - biography of Thomas by Miles Ellis, great-grandson.


George Heaton

Architect & Surveyor, responsible for many buildings in Wigan.


Barry Mason MBE

Singer-Songwriter with an association with Rowbottom Square

Timothy Coop

Interesting information about the life of Timothy (1817-1877), well known for the Coop's Building in Dorning Street. Timothy's association with the Christian Meeting House in Rodney Street and other Buildings in Wigan, "still standing" 


James Marsden, son-in-law of Timothy Coop became a partner in the firm in the 1880's to allow Timothy more leisure time. "How James Marsden came to live and work in Wigan" an article by a descendant Gill Clough.  


Thomas Morris

Owner of Wigan Brewery and Landowner


Dr. Robert Prosser White

A distinguished physician who lived and practiced in the Street.

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