Historic Buildings in the Heritage Action Zone

A list of buildings selected to reflect the architecture , significance and overall contribution made to the history of the area.

Each individual buildings will be updated as the project continues and research has been completed.

Work so far ......

Faggy Lane

Entrance & Bridge

Ancient lane in place before King Street was constructed. Read about the Battle of Faggy Lane.


King Street

22-24,  Grimes Arcade

An iconic structure containing two buildings and an arcade....who were The Grimes?


36-44, Victoria Building

A large building housing lots of businesses over its lifetime, from shops, offices and restaurants, also the location of Wigan's first telephone exchange.


27, County Playhouse

Some history and memories of the building


21-25, King Street

The history and recollections of a Georgian Grade 2 listed building in King Street.


54-58 King Street

Read about the many uses of these buildings.


Library Street

The Museum of Wigan Life

Three munificent men of Wigan and a renowned architect that built an everlasting monument to learning and knowledge.


Library Street

Wallpaper Supplies - formerly Timberlakes Car Showrooms & Garages.

33-35 Library Street & 2 Arcade Street


Rodney Street

4, Christian Meeting House

Read about a nonconformist religion which was founded in 1841 by Timothy Coop, with links to more information about Timothy.



From right to left - Minorca, Rothwell's and Meek's

17-19, Meeks Building

Read about the three generations of the Meek Family from 1831 - 1884, and a business run on strong Christian principles.


25, Rothwells

Find the history of John Rothwell, from Goose Green, and his family, who built a large coffee and cocoa business, between 1850 and 1935.


27-29,  Minorca Inn - now the Berkeley

Trace the history of the site from the late 1700's and the transformation and development of the building.


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