Theodore Major: a forgotten twentieth-century master

An article by Michael Howard on the works of the well known Wigan artist Theodore Major.

His conviction to "Art" was such that he would send curators and collectors away from his house, often telling them to call on Mr. Lowry instead. As a result, Major is neither widely known nor well-represented in public collections. The work that is publicly available represents only a very narrow aspect of his extraordinary and utterly compelling art.

Major died in 1999, deeply loved and respected by all who knew him. He remained a rebel to the end, still refusing to sell his work, except when money was needed to buy painting materials. It is time for his paintings to find the wider audience they truly deserve – they have much to teach us. 

Michael taught both academic and studio-based students for many years at Manchester School of Art.

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Video Presentation -An introduction to Theodore Major by Michael Howard.  View the Presentation

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